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My journey into bodywork began in1998 when I for the first time experienced bodywork myself. At that time I was having some challenges in my own system and was referred to a practitioner of the William Sutherland method of Craniosacral Therapy, I was by this subtle method completely blown away, the way it Moshe-Feldenkrais-Quote-4-lgbalanced the systems of my body and how safe and nurtured I felt. That’s when I decided I too wanted to be able to offer such a powerful but subtle gift to others. Naturally I took a class in Craniosacral Therapy very shortly after finishing my sessions.
Taught by Malte Simmer, (my initial inspiration to bodywork), the class focus was on a very subtle level of listening to the cranial rhythm (the ebb and flow of the cerebrospinal fluid) and the fundamentals of the William Sutherland Method of Craniosacral Therapy. I later on assisted Malte in teaching a Class.
Crainiosacral Therapy is a true jewel in my skill set, and I want to thank Malte Simmer for opening this door for me; it is such an amazing and fulfilling path to be on.
I took a workshop in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, by instructors Mary Louise and Christopher Muller, June 1999.
In March 1999 I joined The Makawao School Of Therapeutic Massage, for a 600-hour long program to the fundamentals in Massage, Anatomy, and Physiology, with a student massage clinic. The summer of 2000 I got my Hawaii State Massage License.
At the school I met Shari Sunshine of Syntropy Insight Bodywork, my teacher and mentor until present day. Shari has continued to be such an inspiration to all I know and the way I work. The knowledge and wisdom she holds and so freely shares, I am forever grateful for!
She has taught me such subtle and deep ways to sense and understand the restrictions and imbalances in the body. By Shari I have learned tools to release these restrictions and imbalances of the body that are so simple but profoundly powerful.
The way Syntropy Insight Bodywork is understood is different for each practitioner and person, the foundation is the same, but we change it through our own understanding of what is needed for each individual person. And the work is applied in each treatment using the healing energies and tools we have available to us in the moment to help expand upon what is already free, and unlock and release what has been held within the individual we are working with (be it through injury, repetitive movement, illness, accidents, or emotional stress of some kind). And because we are all unique and have different stories that we are created from (although the foundation is mostly the same) each individual need bodywork invented specifically for them.
One of my favorite tools that Shari has instilled in me is not to be afraid to use experimentation to find ways to help unwind and re-pattern by using deep listening, instinct, and the knowledge of the anatomy within the structure and what the possibility’s for freedom and movement are. When you stay within the fine lines of non-force and deep listening to the neuromuscular system (the connection between the nervous system and the muscles) allowing it to trust, a natural longing of the body to release will take hold and help facilitate more expansion and freedom in the body.
This is what makes the bodywork so fascinating, exiting, and continuously evolving.
Another inspiration to how I work is Joerg Paula, whom I have learned so much from and whom is an amazing and talented body worker in Hana Maui. Thank you for all your amazing bodywork and the knowledge that you share has helped me in so many ways.feldenkrais
Lisa Cary of Maui Somatic is a continuous inspiration to me through her classes, bodywork and Somatic movement, she is another very gifted body-worker whom so freely shares her knowledge. I am grateful to Lisa for all the body awareness and knowledge she is giving me on an ongoing basis.

Between 2004-2013 I worked at the Spa Moana Hyatt Regency Maui (currently the Marilyn Monroe Spa), there I deeply refined my skills on the 6000 or more hours of massage and bodywork on people of all ages.
I want to thank every one of the talented therapists and amazing beings that I have had the honor to work with and learn from at Spa Moana.
You are all a great inspiration to me and are some of the most lovable and caring people one could ever meet, be touched by, or work with.
There are a lot of other people and books that are an inspiration to me not mentioned here.
None of what I have learned and experienced would have been possible without the constant and tireless support of my husband and partner and the love from my children.

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