Feedback From Our Satisfied Clients At Hele Ho’ola Haleakala Maui Bodyworks Spa Services


“I have been receiving individual bodywork treatments from these wonderful and amazing therapists for more than a year and a half. (Facials, Body Scrubs, and Wraps by Jewelee, Thai Backwalk Massage by Juliette, and Syntropy Neuromyofascial Integration Bodywork by Johanna). So when my brother and a dear friend from Florida came to Maui for a visit, it seemed natural to bring all the treatments together and have a half Spa day at my home for my guests. This is when Hele Ho’ola Haleakala Maui Bodyworks Spa Services was first created. And what a wonderful experience it was! Not only pampering, but also a therapeutic eye opening and healing experience. My guests were so grateful and pleased; it was such a fulfilling Spa experience! The three of us each received a one-hour Facial, Thai Backwalk Massage, and Syntropy Neuromyofascial Integration Bodywork. The Spa day was such a success that when my dear friends from Texas came to visit for a few days only two weeks later, I decided to treat them to half a spa day as well. And ones again we had a wonderfully pampering therapeutic eye opening and healing experience! The practitioners Jewelee, Juliette, and Johanna, (the three J’s) work so well together and are very professional. They all know so well how to personalize the treatments for each individual person, thereby creating a very unique and personal experience. I would highly recommend their Spa Services to anyone wishing to experience a half a day or more of time personalized just for you and your group, whatever the occasion.” ~ Aloha, Harvey Frank


“On a recent visit to Maui, my brother set up a half day Spa experience with three different treatments.  This was done for three friends in the convenience and comfort of my brother’s home. Each of us enjoyed a Facial, a Thai Backwalk massage, and a Syntropy Neuromyofascial Integration  massage. The experience from the therapists (Jewelee, Juliette, and Johanna), was very professional and relaxing and most importantly the results were excellent. For me personally my deep tissue massages had previously always been a bit uncomfortable.With this experience I was able to get excellent results for my lower back issues without any discomfort during or after the massage. This is definitely an experience I would like to enjoy with my friends again.” ~ L Frank


“Good Morning Johanna…I just wanted to tell you that my Spa Day I spent with you in January was absolutely terrific.  I have never had any kind of massage or facial treatment in my life because I didn’t believe it could be so wonderful! Was I ever wrong!!! After you ladies did your magic on me I could not believe how good I felt – completely relaxed and completely loosened up! Now I can’t wait to get back to Maui for another Spa Day with you Johanna, Juliette, and Jewelee! Thank you  for an incredibly wonderful spa experience – you three ladies are the best at what you do! Please take care and come see us soon on the mainland.” ~ Respectfully, Richard “Buddy” Roger, Daytona Beach Florida

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