Feedback From My Satisfied Clients


“There is no one like Johanna Holland. Our family was vacationing in Maui when I had the great fortune of being randomly scheduled with her as a massage therapist. I have been plagued with joint stiffness brought on by being highly stressed by life events, by years of sitting at a desk, by not taking care of myself like I should, and by arthritis. As a result my range of motion and flexibility was restricted. Frankly I was a mess. She immediately understood my unique needs and employed her highly developed methods and techniques to provide the healing my body needed. As importantly, I understood why. Johanna took the time to explain what I needed, what she was doing to effect lasting change, and what I needed to do to help sustain it. After the first one-hour session with Johanna I felt totally different. It was if my body was given permission to function properly again. I also felt all the built up stress was released.I immediately told my wife of my experience and scheduled her for a session with Johanna. I knew Johanna would help her. My wife has suffered for years with the serious after effects of a car accident. It has been difficult for her to find someone she trusts to work on her. Her results were as immediate as mine. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing her after her session. Her pain was significantly reduced and she started trusting herself to be more active. To start living more. She trusts Johanna unconditionally. I scheduled my two boys, who are serious students (spending a lot of time sitting in chairs) and athletes, for sessions. Her impact was immediate and lasting. They returned for multiple sessions throughout our stay. They love her! Johanna really cares about you personally and about how she can help you feel better. The best thing that you can do today for yourself or someone you care about is to schedule a session with Johanna Holland.” ~ Sincerely, Alan Cantrell


“Johanna was recommended to me by a friend who is herself a massage therapist. After moving from New York City, I was looking for someone who would compare with the wonderful massage therapist I patronized there. Johanna is the one! She uses both massage and body work techniques specific to one’s body issues. She knows how to listen and has vast knowledge of the body, as well as a great intuitive intelligence when it comes to finding and unlocking  problem areas. Johanna has a genuinely caring nature. An unexpected bonus is her massage room; a magical little haven perched above a beautifully landscaped mini-wonderland with carp ponds, tinkling water, a large happy turtle, and egg-laying hens! You’re in for a treat!” ~ Nalani Clark


“I have been seeing Johanna for several months. Her therapeutic massages have definitely been instrumental in helping to speed my recovery from a broken ankle. She employs Somatics and Feldenkrais in to her work. Bottom line, she gets results, so I would encourage you to give her a try.” ~ Ken Smith Pukalani, HI


”I first met Johanna at Spa Moana at the Maui Hyatt Regency. She came highly recommended by a local person and I was so impressed with my first massage with her that I went back several times that week. On my next visit to Maui, I was happy to find out that she was working on her own, because I didn’t have to pay high spa prices to enjoy her excellent massage! Johanna has developed a wonderful technique that reflects the many different modalities she has learned over the years. Her sessions are relaxing and enjoyable, yet effective in a therapeutic way at the same time. You can tell right away that Johanna cares about her clients, and that she is a friendly, kind and genuine person. I get excellent body work regularly at home in California, and Johanna’s special combination of great techniques and lovely personality places her as one of my all-time favorite massage therapists. She was worth the price at Spa Moana, and now that she is available at non-spa rates, she is an exceptional value. I highly recommend you try Johanna if you want a special and relaxing massage!” ~ Kay Brooks


“My first treatment with Johanna was after a painful Knee injury which happened to me trying to windsurf. The knee was quite swollen and I couldn’t walk on that leg. Already after the first session with Johanna the swelling went away and I walked out of her therapy room. I went back for a few more treatments and my knee healed quickly. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Johanna she’s an incredible gifted therapist.” ~  Dietmar, Austria


“I was suffering from daily migraines and went for treatment with Johanna. She helped relieved most of the pain within the first hour. Within a couple of weeks my headaches disappeared completely. Johanna always finds the right techniques to make the massage a pleasant and relaxing experience. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who’s seeking for that healing therapy.” ~ Heidi, Austria


“Johanna the woman with the golden hands… I am a steady visitor on the island of Maui. Crossing half of the world, flying “economy” (I am based in Italy), is clearly not the best for my back, especially when you have a weak one like me. So every year it’s about the same: I arrive on Maui, go surfing and feel that terrible pain (between L4 and L5) after a couple of days – sometimes I even get totally blocked. This is the time when I call Johanna, “the woman with the golden hands”. With her natural empathy she knows right away what to do. Her personal style is “connecting” all parts of your body. This means, she doesn’t work only with my painful lumbar zone, but takes care that the whole body works as one, without having any parts blocked, or as she calls it “connected well together”. From the bottom of my heart I can strongly recommend Johanna to all that have pain – she puts you back on your surfboard, stand-up-paddle, bike or what ever activity  you love to do. Mahalo Johanna!” Aloha from Italy ~ ISI


“Our family has had the pleasure of knowing Johanna Holland now for more than five years. When we visit Maui for family fun and much needed R and R, Johanna is always on our itinerary for her massage therapy. Johanna has a wonderful personality and is skilled technician in massage therapy with a special insight to the body’s mechanics. A session with Johanna always helps what may be ailing you and always leaves you invigorated to go explore Hawaii and engage in whatever activates you may enjoy. Simply put, Johanna is a healer!” ~ Joe Gonyea, III, Eugene Oregon


“My experience with receiving bodywork from Johanna started about one and a half years ago, when a lead therapist at the Hyatt Spa first referred me to her. In a very short time, under the care of a Holistic Maui M.D (whom I was referred to by Johanna), and with the assistance of a group of wonderful therapists, Johanna being one of them, I have had a transformation in my health and well being that is so great that I am a completely different man today. I feel at least fifteen years younger today, than I was just one and a half years ago. I am more flexible, balanced, and I feel stronger and have more energy, I walk on a regular basis, which I was not able to do not to long ago, my diet is also of a greater importance today, and with all these changes I have lost 35 lbs and 11 inches of my waist, my lab works are balanced and I am taking 11 less prescription drugs then I was previously on. All these changes in my overall health and well-being have affected my mental state as well, which has had a transformation. My mind is calm, I feel a lot less stress, and on top of that my short-term memory is much sharper. I continue to receive regular bodywork sessions from Johanna, and if I feel tightness or stiffness in any parts of my body the work always helps balance and unwind my body. The movement and active resistance in the bodywork has helped me get more connected to my different body parts and their functions. The Crainiosacral work is especially beneficial in resolving the layers of holding I have carried in my neck and spine. If you too are ready to change, and are looking for someone to help you release your holding patterns, or you have an injury that needs to be addressed, then I am sure Johanna will be able use her skill set and intuition to help bring on the changes you need.” ~ Aloha, Harvey Frank


“Johanna’s body-work is truly outstanding – and I speak as a massage therapist with 20 years of experience myself.  She has integrated a level of body awareness into her work and incorporated techniques, including Somatics and Syntropy, that she uses to help your chronic and acute issues to unwind, release and let go!  She works gently, skillfully and precisely, opening you up to a whole new sense of being free and open in your own body.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.” ~ Pamela Dyson


“A dear friend on Maui invited me, my wife and a close friend of ours, to visit him on Maui last summer. During our visit, greatly encouraged by our Maui host, we felt that we might all benefit from spa treatments by his favorite therapists. I have had severe pain and restriction in my neck, shoulders, upper chest and back for more than two years and was taking prescription pain medication daily. My doctor had prescribed massage therapy for me but I hadn’t tried it until our arrival on Maui. Happily, our host introduced me to Johanna and for the first time I was able to experience having any type of bodywork at all. I carefully explained my symptoms to Johanna and I also asked her to read my doctor’s detailed summary of the underlying problems. The doctor’s report required someone with a real grasp of physiology and anatomy to understand it. Johanna has that grasp. During the one and a half hour treatment Johanna worked not only on my neck (very little time was actually needed on releasing my neck), but she also figured out that there was a lot of restriction in my pelvis (hips), lower back, ribs, chest, and shoulders, and spent most of the treatment facilitating the release in all of the above areas through massage, movement and active resistance techniques. To end the treatment she spent some time releasing the muscles in the front and the side of the neck. Johanna also recommended that I find a certain kind of bodywork practitioner on Kauai and in New York (I reside in both places) to continue the release process. I must say that the 90 minutes of therapy with Johanna were among the most eye opening minutes of my life. Any skepticism I might have had about the benefits of her kind of treatment were completely erased. If you find yourself on Maui, seek out Johanna. Now that I have had more experience with other therapists, I can comfortably say that Johanna is as good as they get.” ~ David, Kauai and New York


“The attention and skill Johanna brings to her bodywork practice places her in an elite category of massage therapy. One can feel her hands listening to the body, sensing the exact depth, direction, and pace necessary to bring about core changes. She is a therapist’s therapist. For those seeking transformation!” ~ Alexa Hatton


“We have known Johanna Holland for over 4 years and have used her extensively as a massage therapist. We find her warm, friendly and a good source of information. Johanna has a style of massage that is relaxing and allows your muscle structure to heal itself. She knows the body well and is helpful with health and physical limitations as injuries with age happens. She is dependable, helpful, respectful, loving and healing. Anyone should be so lucky to have her as a massage therapist!” ~ JoMae and Joe Gonyea, Maui and Eugene Oregon


“I have had several sessions with Johanna and have been beyond pleased with the results. I clearly felt that the sessions helped me to experience muscle awareness in a new way. Johanna is an extremely skilled, nurturing and informative therapist. I will definitely continue with regular sessions and would certainly recommend Johanna to anyone looking for trans-formative body work and anyone dealing with chronic pain.”  ~ Rose Ferguson.


“Aloha all, my name is Letty Borchers, I have known Johanna for many years and I highly recommend her work, she is no doubt an experienced, intuitive HEALER, she pays attention to every joint, and muscle cell . It feels like she has a guiding light to precisely touch and make an slight adjustment to what your body is needing at the time, she goes to the source not the symptom/sign you are experiencing at that time. I had migraine headaches almost every month , and since I have been working with Johanna the frequency and the intensity of the headaches are almost gone. With the assistance of Johanna’s work, and from it my renewed self awareness I can say I am on my way out of migraines. I hope you will have the privilege of knowing and experiencing her healing services.” ~ Mahalo, Letty.     


“Johanna brings her loving heart, skilled hands, and strong intuition to every bodywork session she does.  She listens for the subtle ways muscles might be willing to unwind and facilitates deep release that isn’t harsh or invasive. I have been giving and receiving bodywork for over four decades and Johanna is one of few massage therapists I go to.  I recommend her wholeheartedly.” ~ Denise LaBarre, Author of Issues in Your Tissues: Heal body and Emotion from the Inside Out



“I’ve had a few massages with Johanna.  The thing that impressed me the most about Johanna is how thorough she is in her work. I have a lot of experience receiving body work and Johanna’s work is definitely some of the most thorough. She really pays attention to what your needs are and she works with you until the problem is resolved as opposed to just going through the motions. She is caring and thoughtful and really tries to create lasting changes in your body.  She has made a very big difference in my chronic neck problem. It is about 85 percent better after just 3 treatments, and that says a lot and feels great. I would very much recommend Johanna especially for those who have specific and stubborn kinks in their bodies which they want to have thoroughly addressed. ~ Masha


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